PSP plus iTrip

December 29th, 2005 8 Comments »

This is what happens when an iTrip (fm
transmitter for iPod) and a PSP get together.

psp itrip

I got this idea when I was driving around with my wife. She owns an iPod mini with an iTrip.

I was jealous that she could listen to her music via the car stereo and change frequencies on the fly.

She also had the entire FM band at her disposal. That’s 87.9Mhz to 107.9Mhz – over 100 frequencies to choose from.

Now, sure, I could go and get an FM transmitter to jack-in to my headphone jack, but then I’ve got this cumbersome thing hanging from my sexy PSP.

One idea was to gut a generic FM transmitter.

Most of those have switches to change the freqs, and I’d have to make a place for those switches on the exterior of the PSP.

That would take away from the clean look of the PSP

The plan is to marry the two so that the PSP still looks like a PSP, plus maintain the ability to change freqs on-the-go.

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