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Friendly Neighborhood Cop
I was going to create an iPhone app that required a pass code to stop recording incase my iphone was taken from me by Police. People have reported that they have had the cops take their recorder and press the stop button.

Well apparently I don’t need to create it, with a free app and some settings changes this is possible.

Step 1: Download QuickVoice for free.
and sync the app to your iPhone

Step 2: On the phone go to Settings/General/Passcode Lock. Set a passcode, and require the passcode to activate “Immediately”.

Step 3: If you don’t want an incoming call to kill the app, then put the phone in “Airplane Mode”. It’s going to suck not being able to receive call but better that than not have a LEO encounter recored. Think of this as a back-up for when your batteries die in your recorder or you get somewhere and realize you forgot your voice recorder. 🙂

Last step: Launch QuickVoice on your phone and then lock the screen by tapping the power button once. It will continue to record and cant be stopped unless the code is entered or the phone is turned off. Lets hope the officer doesn’t think to turn of your phone. He’s not likely to because from the passcode screen there is no indicator that a recording is being taken.

How to make a Gantt Chart in Excel

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I was doing Gantt charts for a technical writing class and found this video on YouTube. It’s a 6 min tutorial on how to make a Gantt chart using Microsoft Excel.

How to make Twitter Vision your desktop wallpaper (win)

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I was checking out and thought this would make a cool background for those totally obsessed with Twitter. Then I remembered a rarely use feature of windows XP, making your desktop your “home page”. It worked great and it looks really cool to see all those tweets flying by.
So here’s how to do it.
1. Right click on the desktop, select properties, then click the “Desktop” tab.

2.Under the desktop tab click “Customize Desktop”

3.You’ll get a second window, click the “Web” tab, then click “New…”

4.You’ll get a screen to add an address, put in the location field, click “OK”

5. Click “OK” or “Apply”. You’ll see your “Homepage” minimized on the screen somewhere with two options to maximize it. On leaves you a bit of space on the left of you desktop for icons, the other goes full screen.

Once you’re done you’ll be able to drag and drop, select and move icons and folders like normal. Or you do like I did and de-select “view desktop icon” for a clean look.

8 Things Intelligent People, Geeks and Nerds Need To Work Happy

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There are many reasons to let geeks work the way they want to work. Today they work in every industry. They are the knowledge base, blood and sweat equity of many businesses. They work harder than most. They work longer than most. Their job isn’t a separate “thing they do” while they look forward to going home and relaxing. Geeks *live* what they do. They eat, sleep and breathe it. They are your systems administrators, your IT team, your programmers, your web developers, your designers… and sometimes even your customer service and sales people. Anyone who understands how to leverage todays technology to increase intelligence, productivity and efficiency; anyone who stays up nights working to get better at what they do; anyone whose job is their life – is a geek. These are the most important asset your company has. For this reason, its important to give geeks what they want. Best part is, if you do, they most likely will not leave your company to work for someone who will.

#1. Let them work when they want
Geeks work almost every moment they are awake. They are online before they go to the office. They are home working after the office closes. They work weekends. They are even sometimes working in their dreams. Employers should understand this and more importantly appreciate it. Don’t force geeks to work 8 – 5 if there is no real need other than “company morale.” Meetings are one thing (, so is socializing with coworkers, but a relaxed office schedule will do wonders for the contentment levels of your employed geeks.

#4. Let them wear headphones
Geeks are experts in the arts of “focus.” Focusing takes removing all unnecessary distractions from your environment and creating a state where nothing else is going on but what they are working on. The harder the problem they are trying to solve or the more creative they have to be, the more they need to focus. Headphones, or simply a lack of ringing phones and talking sales people allow geeks to focus much easier.

Read the other 6 @ Nomad is Here .com

You’ve gotta love the internet

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I just watched this CNN Crossfire interview with Frank Zappa (FROM THE 80’s!) about censorship in America and a rating system. I loved watching it. Having easy access to this video can only happen in the free flowing information world we live in. The two suits (Jeff Ling, and “from the right” Peter Gimma) pushing the rating system and censorship are using the fear of AIDS as the catalyst to get there agenda approved by the public. Frank Zappa’s common sense responses are great in this interview! I’d like to think Frank’s view’s would be considered extremely conservative and small government now. Check it out! Also make note of the lack of commercial breaks… things sure have changed.