LEDs as input devices. Very cool.

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As soon as I can get someone to email me the schematics for this project I’ll be putting it to use. Check out the source site and download the video.
led touch

Current project…

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Beating the U.S. In the race to bring iTunes synchronization to the RAZR line of slim phones, mobile network operator O2 in the UK has now begun carrying the RAZR V3im. A software-upgraded version of the V3i, which itself was originally slated to debut with iTunes compatibility, the V3im now offers functionality previously available only through the bulky-by-comparison ROKR E1, however retains the 100-song limit as imposed by Apple despite being bundled with a 512 MB microSD memory card. The V3im also offers 3G connectivity and a 1.3 Megapixel camera which together enable video calls, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

I’m currently working on converting my V3c (verizon) into a V3im via software/firmware updates. I’ll keep you all posted.