D.I.Y. iPod AV cable $1.57

July 29th, 2006 No Comments »

After seeing that apple’s AV cable was just a headphone jack and some RCA’s I figured I’d have a cable like that just lying around. I did but it only had audio left and right. For some applications the right audio would act as the video and you’d just get mono audio out. Not in the case of the iPod, it has four conductors on the 3.5mm head phone jack.
These are the connectors Mouser offers.

Here is a good pinout of the different types of 4 cond av cables.

So because I don’t think I’ll use this cable enough to justify the 20 bucks apple wants for their “proprietary” cable and I think its fun to D.I.Y. , I built my own.
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The Screen Savers

July 6th, 2006 No Comments »

I really miss this show. After TechTV “merged” with G4TV everything went down hill. Well thanks to people like ZDTVfan and YouTube we can relive those moments. I trust that future Tech shows will model themselves after the successful format that was The Screen Savers.
I’ll keep these episodes up as long as YouTube will allow. This episode kicks off Robot Week on The Screen Savers

Also check out the rest of this weeks shows.
TSS 4-1-2004 and TSS 4-2-2004