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I will not rest until I have this!

The folks over at Multi-Touch Interaction Research have made a “Bi-manual, multi-point, and multi-user interactions on a graphical interaction surface.” It is a must see, so I’m mirroring the video here.

(edit: Sorry, I was so excited I forgot to place a link back to the orig post here.)

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  1. Howard Tayler Says:


    Thanks for hosting the video. I’ve linked to your blog and your video from Schlock Mercenary… please holler if this gives you bandwidth problems.


  2. Blógünder Schlock » Blog Archive » There is a Great Big Touch Screen in My Future Says:

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  3. charles Says:

    I really NEED to find out more about the hardware and the software used in this tech demo.

    I want that screen so bad I can hear my teeth squeak.

    It seemed to be interacting with a browser (and Google maps) so its probably a driver/interface thingy which should mean much greater applicability.

    This vid featured mapping from Boston. Is this a MIT or Media Lab project or product?

    Is the hardware commercially available?

    Is the software commercially available or better yet is it open source (I’d probably need to expand it to 3D.)

    Please, what can people tell me to further fill in the details. (Darn it all. You’d think people would have learned something about giving proper attribution and ‘provenance’ 🙂

  4. charles Says:

    Okay, my question about availability still stands but some other points have been cleared up. (Its from The NYU Media Research Lab. I gotta get in touch with them.)

    This is back projected onto an acrylic surface so resolution is projector dependant but has nothing to do with anything. If I want, I can opt for a graphic card to give me approx. 2600×1900 resolution.

    The resolution is about .1 inch square. If I am scaling my projector up that gives me 260×190 inches.

    That would enable a “Minority Report” style interface over whatever I can project. That would be so useful.

  5. Howard Tayler Says:

    The trick, Charles, is going to be getting your software to interact with multiple input points. I think that’s why on the Google Earth part of the demo we only saw zooming and scrolling — they were able to translate certain types of touches to mouse-and-keyboard commands Google Earth already understands.


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