How to make Twitter Vision your desktop wallpaper (win)

I was checking out and thought this would make a cool background for those totally obsessed with Twitter. Then I remembered a rarely use feature of windows XP, making your desktop your “home page”. It worked great and it looks really cool to see all those tweets flying by.
So here’s how to do it.
1. Right click on the desktop, select properties, then click the “Desktop” tab.

2.Under the desktop tab click “Customize Desktop”

3.You’ll get a second window, click the “Web” tab, then click “New…”

4.You’ll get a screen to add an address, put in the location field, click “OK”

5. Click “OK” or “Apply”. You’ll see your “Homepage” minimized on the screen somewhere with two options to maximize it. On leaves you a bit of space on the left of you desktop for icons, the other goes full screen.

Once you’re done you’ll be able to drag and drop, select and move icons and folders like normal. Or you do like I did and de-select “view desktop icon” for a clean look.

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