B.A.T.S Welcomes Patrick Julian back to the W.W.W.

Using his Sprint Sanyo 4900 and a USB data cable, Pat can access the internet any where he has sprint service. Good going Dad!

If you’d like to do the same this is what you’ll need.

Phone: sanyo 4900 or any other sanyo

Cable: I’d check eBay for one that charges while your connected.

Drivers direct from Sanyo

Once you have your cable and you’ve downloaded the drivers just connect the phone, windows will prompt you for the drivers.
Direct the windows prompt to the correct drivers for your phone. Then you should see a “usb modem” installed.
Next go to your network connections and “add a network connection”. The number to dial is #777 (this connects you to your vision plan which is a data service, so no analog conversion needed). Your user name is your sprint pcs e-mail e.g. jsmith123@sprintpcs.com. Your password is usually the last four of you social or a password you set up for you vision plan.
Once you’ve created the new connection just connect you phone and double click the connection. You should see you phone dial the #777 then switch to a RX/TX screen. Rx= receive Tx= Transmit. That’s it you’re on the net (or at least you should be). Go have fun, do a few speed tests and enjoy the fact that you didn’t have to buy a $299 pcmcia card to accomplish the same task.

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