Friendly Neighborhood Cop
I was going to create an iPhone app that required a pass code to stop recording incase my iphone was taken from me by Police. People have reported that they have had the cops take their recorder and press the stop button.

Well apparently I don’t need to create it, with a free app and some settings changes this is possible.

Step 1: Download QuickVoice for free.
and sync the app to your iPhone

Step 2: On the phone go to Settings/General/Passcode Lock. Set a passcode, and require the passcode to activate “Immediately”.

Step 3: If you don’t want an incoming call to kill the app, then put the phone in “Airplane Mode”. It’s going to suck not being able to receive call but better that than not have a LEO encounter recored. Think of this as a back-up for when your batteries die in your recorder or you get somewhere and realize you forgot your voice recorder. 🙂

Last step: Launch QuickVoice on your phone and then lock the screen by tapping the power button once. It will continue to record and cant be stopped unless the code is entered or the phone is turned off. Lets hope the officer doesn’t think to turn of your phone. He’s not likely to because from the passcode screen there is no indicator that a recording is being taken.

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