Equipment list – bikepacking in Mediterranean countries

Equipment list – bikepacking in Mediterranean countries

List of equipment – bikepacking in Mediterranean countries

It certainly won’t suit everyone, but it can help. Here’s a list of gear for a bikepacking trip in the Mediterranean, in the warm seasons. This is how we packed for Cyprus – you can find an account of this trip in 18. OM issue.

In parentheses we give the specific models of the things we use.


  • Jacket (small, lightweight, warm – Helly Hansen LIFALOFT Air Insulator Jacket / Columbia Labyrinth Loop)
  • Thin warm sweatshirt (Mammut Nair / Mammut Aconcagua),
  • Outdoor cycling shorts (POC),
  • Cycling shorts with liner,
  • Long pants / athletic gaiters (Craft),
  • T-shirts x 3,
  • Thermal longlsleeve (Salewa Alpine Hemp),
  • Swimming shorts (for the future – you can not take)
  • Panties x 3
  • Socks x 5 (+small bag for clean things)
  • Buff (for the future – you can not take)
  • Beanie hat
  • The smallest quick-drying towel (for the future – you can not take)
  • Snadals (Monk)
  • Boots
  • Phone, wallet, camera (2 batteries), charger, powerbank, swimming goggles, mini tripod, pen, paper map, outlet adapter, headlamp, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, glasses, lenses, sunglasses, wet wipes, map.

Camping equipment

  • Tent (MSR Hubba Hubba NX)
  • Mattress (Sea to Summit Ultra Light)
  • Sleeping bag (Marmot Trestles Elite 30)
  • Touring stove (MSR Pocket Rocket 2),
  • Pots/vessels (MSR)
  • Cylinder (purchased locally),
  • Knife (Petzl),
  • Mug,
  • Thin mat for sitting
  • Spork (Sea to Summit)
  • LYOFOOD freeze-dried food (emergency – came in handy)
  • Headlamp (Black Diamond)


  • Bikepacking bags (Restrap – front, back, frame bag, tube bag, bottle bag (eg. Wine) on the steering wheel)
  • Bidon (Camelbak), Thermal bottle (cold water – Hydroflask), container with a wide lid (easy washing – e.g. After water with lemon or LYO FOOD fruit shake)


  • Multitool, inner tube, pump, tire spoons, chain clip, tritites, duct tape, pedal wrench.

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