July ticket sales results

July ticket sales results

Results of ticket sales in July – finally we can see holiday destinations Antalya, Heraklion, Rhodes

Four Seasons Hotel, Greece

Holiday destinations finally at the top of the airline ticket sales rankings. Antalya, Rhodes and Heraklion are doing quite well.

Airline ticket sales results for July, finally show concrete sales of strictly holiday destinations. Agents handling this traffic are pleased, a major win for Why Not Travel. Ithaca also entered the game more strongly, selling Spain and Greece. Winter leaders are still very strong – Maldives and Dubai check in at the forefront.

Antalya from Turkish Airlines a hit

Turkish Airlines has opened regular flights to Antalya with very little notice. With the great charter offer, this was somewhat of a surprise. However, the potential of the direction, as well as the significant demand for this destination, seem to concede the Turkish carrier’s decision. In July sales results, Antalya ranks a very high sixth, narrowly losing out to fifth-place Barcelona.

The main beneficiary of this success is Why Not Travel office serving agents specializing in dynamic packages.

Ithaca enters the game strongly – Greece and Spain with solid results

Finally, Ithaca showed its power in regular line sales. This agent checked in at a very high fourth position. Just behind Why Not Travel. Ithaca has so far clearly focused on charter offerings, dynamic bundling was just an appetizer. July results show that significant numbers of tickets can be sold based on this concept. The office from Opole turned such a result mainly thanks to sales of Spanish destinations, i.e. Barcelona and Mallorca, as well as Greek. In this case, mainly Rhodes was sold.

Opportunities provided by Ithaca’s sales network in the context of dynamic bundling are a good indication for LOT. LOT has to come out with a similar solution in just a moment, its absence significantly limits the possibility of selling tourist destinations. Ithaca seems an ideal partner here, as we have already written about on the portal.

Maldives and Dubai – the old leaders are still doing very well

The leaders of the winter-spring season are still doing very well. Maldives and Dubai rank second and third, respectively, among sold destinations. We are sure to see further dynamic increases in the Dubai direction any moment now. These days, as the majority of companies going to the Expo under the Go to Brand program will start booking their flights. The number of tickets in demand can be counted even in thousands of units.

Prices on Dubai have indeed fallen, competition is doing its job. And it is not excluded that in the coming months we will get more connections to Gdansk or Wroclaw. Also in the Maldives you can see price competition, currently the average ticket sold does not exceed PLN 1,700 net.

Why Not is pleased with tour operators, twitch in incentives

The big winner of recent months is Why Not Travel, its cooperation with tour operators brings concrete results. In addition, it gets gifts like this one in the form of Antalya. And it may not end there, LOT must finally go to market with winter destinations. Most of them should be launched precisely for dynamic bundling. This will again benefit the WNT group.

Also not to be overlooked are the nice results of agents specializing in handling Incentive traffic. Primapol, Time4 Travel and Profi check in at the top of the results. Interestingly, we can see that demand for European destinations has returned, m.In. Heraklion sold well.

LOT will finally go to the market with a winter network

LOT habitually delays the decision to launch a winter “holiday” network based on scheduled flights. With the decisions of other lines, however, the choice is beginning to narrow heavily. You can expect to consider destinations like the Canary Islands or Madeira. However, these are eminently “long” flights, and these destinations are also not typically under dynamic packing.

Israel and Egypt will certainly be considered. In the first case, the destination is rather expensive as far as beach destinations are concerned, while Egypt is flanked by charters. It will not be easy. Can LOT decide on another Emirates destination? Choosing Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah would be a sensible addition to the Dubai already offered.

It would also allow them to stay in the Emirates for longer than just until April 2022. Oman, too, has significant potential, both in terms of beaches, tourism and incentives, and could also sell well in the cruise segment. We are waiting for the movement of the national carrier, certainly, the final news is also awaited by agents specializing in dynamic bundling. For them, the next directions in the Emirates could be a shot in the arm.