List of equipment for river rafting on SUPs – Outdoor Magazine

List of equipment for river rafting on SUPs – Outdoor Magazine

List of equipment for river rafting on SUPs

In the summer issue of Outdoor Magazine, we touched on SUP swimming. What we like best are rafting trips of several days – small expeditions. How to pack so as not to miss anything, and at the same time fit on the board luggage? Hints Agnieszka Nowicka i Natalia Oprowska from Outdoorito. An account of their rafting trip down the Brda River can be found in print – recommended!


  • notepad and pen,
  • tent,
  • sleeping bag,
  • mattress / carrimata,
  • headlamp,
  • rope,
  • powerbank,
  • phone,
  • phone charging cable,
  • kayaking guide,
  • a supply of food and water,
  • wet wipes,
  • toilet paper,
  • SUP and paddle,
  • ballast,
  • lanyard for SUP,
  • SUP pump,
  • SUP shoes,
  • shoes for a change,
  • sweatshirt,
  • sailor’s straps with a tensioner for securing luggage,
  • waterproof bicycle panniers or carry bags,
  • bags for clothes,
  • trash bags,
  • down jacket,
  • softshell jacket,
  • rain jacket,
  • UV cream,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • hairbrush,
  • toothbrush,
  • buoyancy vest,
  • clothes for changing/sleeping,
  • swimsuit,
  • sports shirts,
  • hat / head scarf,
  • underwear,
  • socks,
  • sunglasses,
  • towel,
  • gas burner,
  • matches or lighter,
  • meniscus,
  • mug,
  • bowl,
  • spoon and fork,
  • knife,
  • biodegradable toothpaste,
  • biodegradable hair shampoo.

Worth taking, but not essential

  • hammock,
  • solar charger,
  • watch with GPS,
  • camera.

Additionally, if you are kayaking with your dog

  • dry food,
  • small water bowl,
  • light blanket,
  • dog kapok,
  • lanyard,
  • tweezers for ticks,
  • extra rainwear or warm clothing to warm up the wet dog, which is shivering from the cold on the board after leaving the water,
  • dog treats.

Agnieszka Nowicka, Natalia Oprowska / Outdoorito

An account of the Brda rafting trip can be found in the 18. OM issue:

Outdoor Magazine #18 – summer 2022 (il. Dorota PiechociƄska)

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