Race East 1400 – Pawel Kalinowski takes off on a scooter – Outdoor Magazine

Race East 1400 – Pawel Kalinowski takes off on a scooter – Outdoor Magazine

Race East 1400 – Pawel Kalinowski starts on scooter

On August 21 the race will start East 1400. There will be 1,400 kilometers waiting for riders, which must be completed within a 200-hour limit. He also intends to take up the challenge Pawel Kalinowski, Who, however, decided to face the East route on…a scooter.

Pawel Kalinowski (photo. arch. P. Kalinowski)

The organizers of the Polish Adventure Cycling race describe the challenge combined with the discovery of the eastern regions of Poland as follows:

In the north cold and ice The sun rises there gEast .. EAST – So many beautiful and simple words, phenomena and reflections to describe the magic of the East – the Polish East. Where nature claims its own by constantly giving us chances to be a part of it. Where landscapes, forests, lakes and fields are waiting to be discovered and experience an unforgettable adventure. Where small hamlets and historic towns, national parks, mountains and rivers. There we will go to enjoy the nature and history of our country passing places where border cultures have mixed for centuries leaving people open to diversity.

For adventure cycling enthusiasts awaits not only a challenging distance but also a formula that fits into the bikepacking adventure – equipment, clothes need to be packed into panniers, bags attached to the bicycle frame. During the race itself you can spend the night in various places – camping in a tent or in the open air, staying overnight in accommodation (you can’t book before the start).

Pawel Kalinowski (photo. arch. P. Kalinowski)

1400 km in 200 hours is quite a challenge on a bicycle, let alone a scooter. But as Pawel Kalinowski – P.E. teacher – points out, he is gaining experience all the time and year, after year, pursuing his passion, while trying to promote a healthy and active lifestyle:

Every year I pursue my scooter passion, I do not waste time and always 12 months is a time to learn, gain experience and self-improvement. And so in June I completed the Pomeranian 500 on a scooter. However, it’s time to accomplish what no one, no Pole, has yet done. This will be my entry in the history of scooter racing. August 21, 2021 I start East 1400! Where these 1400 means the number of kilometers to be covered in a time limit of 200 hours! I set off with my backpack and pannier on the handlebars towards adventure, I can take advantage of what I encounter on the route (e.g. stores, stations, etc.). Similarly with accommodation. I can book them when the race starts, not before. Going solo. What I take on the route must be enough for more than a week (clothes, handy utensils, etc.). I’m ready! You will be able to follow the daily route report on my blog

You can learn more about Pawel from his blog – pawelkalinowski.en

All information about the bikepacking race can be found here.

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