X Mountain Yoga Marathon in Wierchomla invites you! Outdoor Magazine

X Mountain Yoga Marathon in Wierchomla invites you! Outdoor Magazine

X Mountain Yoga Marathon in Wierchomla invites you! 21-28.08.2022

The picturesque Wierchomla Mała, located in the heart of the Poprad Landscape Park in Beskid Sądecki, will host the Yoga Festival for the tenth time. Mountain Yoga Marathon “108 Sun Salutations”. The anniversary obliges, so August 21-28 will be a WEEK OF GOOD EVENTS: practicing various types of yoga, interesting workshops and lectures, delicious vege food and meetings with extraordinary people in a unique in many respects place.

Yoga for health and well-being

During the Festival, 120 h of various forms of yoga are planned, such as. Iyengar yoga, functional yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, hormonal, spinal and classical yoga, Aerial Yoga and Spiral Yoga. The classes will be led by best teachers in Poland, m.in. Wiktor Morgulec, Katarzyna Enerlich, Michal Kudzia or Hania Gryzinska.

Workshops, meditations and lectures

The organizers of the Yoga Festival in Wierchomla took care of valuable, inspiring workshops and lectures. W 10. The jubilee edition of the Festival Guests will be m.in.:

  • Paul Neko – iridologist, naturotherapist, herbalist – phytotherapist, lecturer at the Institute of Polish Herbalism and Natural Therapies in Warsaw;
  • Piotr Lysoniewski – naturotherapist, psychodietitian, Chinese medicine therapist and nutritionist, originator of the Taijitu concept of holistic therapies;
  • Marta Kucińska – Certified face yoga teacher according to the Face Yoga Method, yogini, biologist;
  • Adam Lis – instructor of sound massage and certified psychotronic;
  • Szymon Olbrychowski – a student of Roshi Shodo Harada, leads Zen meditation;
  • Leszek Frankiewicz – Permaculture designer and owner of a farm in the Island Beskids;
  • Dorota Gudaniec – Mom of Max, the first patient in Poland treated with hemp-based preparations, hemp expert, herbalist-phytotherapist, owner of Max Hemp and originator of the Max Hemp Therapeutic Center;
  • Dariusz Hybel – philosopher and theologian leading Christian meditation sessions, associated with the Christian Meditation Center in Lubin;
  • Bartosz Zadurski – Certified TRE® Provider, IFS Practitioner, founder of Soma – Development and Therapy, organizer of the Conscious Body Work Festival.

The little ones practice yoga

There will also be yoga and animations for the youngest in Wierchomla. Children will practice under the guidance of Agnieszka Lasota, which interestingly and safely introduces toddlers to the world of yoga. Agnieszka is a certified instructor of Hatha Yoga and yoga for children, educator at the Academy of Education in Krakow, founder of the yoga school for children “gymnastics Yoga Smyka”.

fot. mat. press release of the organizer of the Yoga Festival event

For pleasure and relaxation

The festival’s formula also includes concerts, live music, bonfires and fun together. One of the highlights of the program will be workshops: on Qi Gong and releasing emotions, ceremony sound healing and a joint musical jam session Led by Aneta and David of the Waves of Health.

Special eco zone

This is a zone for lovers of organic food, natural cosmetics and oils, herbs in Wierchomla. A unique opportunity to learn about regional products, clothing and yoga accessories, plus henna painting. The eco zone of exhibitors will operate from the festival Wednesday through Friday (24-26.08.2022 r.) Every year this zone is very popular and a highly anticipated part of the event, so the anniversary edition could not miss it.

photo. mat. Press release of the organizer of the Yoga Festival event

Jubilee X Mountain Yoga Marathon in Wierchomla – the culmination of the Festival and a kind of endurance test. These are 108 “Sun Salutation” sequences performed in the mountainous outdoors. The marathon is not easy to do, but extremely rewarding, which is why almost everyone decides to take part in it.

photo. mat. Yoga Festival event organizer’s press release

Yoga Festival is the largest yoga event in Poland. This year it will also be a real WEEK OF GOOD EVENTS.